Get bids and legal briefs into the right hands


Trust the Tri-state leader in same-day shipping for delivering your bids, contracts, and legal briefs. You get point-to-point delivery for your most important paperwork. Our offices are in the heart of Central Islip and near the Eastern District Courthouse, but our range reaches Manhattan, the Hamptons, New Jersey, and Connecticut and the entire New York City area. When time is factor, call Jaguar Logistical Transport.

Meet your bid deadlines every single time

Get your bids in on time with our exclusive bid delivery service.When your business depends on meeting deadlines, you can count on our 100% success rate for on-time bid delivery.

Turn the entire Tri-state area into your office

Your same-day document delivery service can include photocopying if necessary, so our team is the perfect solution for attorneys, contract and business lawyers, realtors, and anyone who needs to file paperwork on time. Your messenger and courier service isn't limited to just paperwork — you can have same-day delivery for all kinds of goods within the Tri-state area, so you can work from your home in the Hamptons just as effectively as you work out of your downtown office.